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I was wondering if someone can guide me as to how I can insert the output of a query into a table that I created on a different server from where I am running my query.

For example:

table is located on server1 called tbl1 in a database called database1.

the query that i am running is querying data located on server2.

for the insert command, would this work: server1.database1.tbl1

If you need more information please let me know.

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As long as you can reach both servers, it should be easy enough:

 INSERT INTO server1.database1.dbo.tbl1(list of columns)
      (list of columns)
      (some condition here)
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Fully qualified remote names have 4 parts: servername.databasename.schemaname.tablename. You can do any operation with them, including INSERT-SELECT, as long as the linked server is properly configured for updates and the MSDTC is properly configured for the two servers to engage in a distributed transaction.

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Your insert command on server2 would work but only if server1 is registered as linked server in server2.

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Assuming you've created a linked server for server1, with appropriate permissions, you should be able to:

insert into server1.database1.dbo.tbl1
    select ...
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