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I have a MonoTouch iPhone app that does federated sign in via the Azure Access Control Service. The login is done via an embedded UIWebView browser. When the login is done, I want to transfer the cookie into my app. I have access to the


collection, so I can find the cookie. But in order to call the back end services, I need to have a


that I can put into a CookieContainer to send to the service.

How do I convert between the two... is this the only way?

NSHttpCookie cookie = NSHttpCookieStorage.SharedStorage.Cookies[0];
System.Net.Cookie newCookie = new System.Net.Cookie()
        Name = cookie.Name,
        Value = cookie.Value,
        Version = (int) cookie.Version,
        Expires = cookie.ExpiresDate,
        Domain = cookie.Domain,
        Path = cookie.Path,
        Port = cookie.PortList[0].ToString(), // is this correct??
        Secure = cookie.IsSecure,
        HttpOnly = cookie.IsHttpOnly
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Yes, that is how you could convert. Perhaps you should just make an extension method on NSHttpCookie? Then you could call something like:

var c = cookie.ToCLRCookie ();
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