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I am running Ubuntu as a guest OS using VMware player on my Windows 7 machine. The problem I have is syncing the clock in the Ubuntu machine. This happens only when I close the VMware player and open the suspended session. For example if I close my VMware player running Ubuntu at 4:15 PM and then restore it at 5:45 PM, it still shows 4:15 PM. (This does not happen when I shutdown the Ubuntu OS.)

I searched the StackOverflow forum and found that by setting

tools.syncTime = true 
tools.syncTime.period = 60

should help resolve the problem. But this change did not work for me. Any pointers to resolve this issue would be helpful.

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I had the same clock sync issue. Installing VMware tools solves the problem.

But if it doesn't help, you can do it manually by calling sudo ntpdate every time you open the suspended session.

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after you install the tools, make sure you enable timesync by running: vmware-toolbox-cmd timesync enable in the terminal. It's found in /usr/bin. – jabs Nov 12 '12 at 20:02

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