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Our app needs to grab certain files from the Bluetooth inbox after they are pushed from an external hardware device. Is there a way to programmatically find the Bluetooth folder location? On the Galaxy it's /mnt/sdcard/bluetooth, and on the Desire it seems to be /mnt/sdcard/downloads/bluetooth.


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As far as I can tell, there's no simple and easy way to do this via the APIs (although there should be!)

Two solutions that could work (depending on the usage context; the first one seems generally better):

  1. On start-up, you app checks if there's a SharedPreference (e.g.) "bluetoothLocation". If it doesn't find it, the app searches either (a) the FS or (b) the FS rooted at /mnt/ (probably (b) is better) until it finds a File such that:

    • The name.equals("bluetooth"), and isDirectory().

Then it saves the path, and there you go. Alternatively (depending on the context) you could,

  1. The first time your external device connects, it sends a file with some long, hard-coded filename (e.g. greoermmvemoper190erjvw0j9e2.txt). Then your app searches through the FS until it finds a file with this shared, hard-coded name, and saves that location.

These are both far from perfect, and their viability depends on your context. I thought I'd throw it out there. Hope it helps.

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