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I'm trying to connect to TFS 2010 using TFS SDK, but can't get VersionControlServer service.

var servers = RegisteredTfsConnections.GetConfigurationServers(); // ok


var tfs = new TfsConfigurationServer(servers.First().Uri, CredentialCache.DefaultNetworkCredentials);
// or
var tfs = new TfsConfigurationServer(servers.First());

both always returns null:

var vc = (VersionControlServer)tfs.GetService<VersionControlServer>(); // null!

What should I do?

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did you used to get the 'vc' as null ? The reason I am asking is that I am receiving the similar error. –  Ram Mehta Feb 11 at 11:36
It may depend on version of TFS because some API works only for specific version and you must use another API. What version do you run? –  abatishchev Feb 11 at 17:13
I have TFS2010, does the solution given below work for you ? –  Ram Mehta Feb 12 at 5:35
If I remember correctly (it was 3 years ago!) it worked. Otherwise I would not accept it for sure. –  abatishchev Feb 12 at 5:36
I used the solution provided below, I still get the output of version control as null. –  Ram Mehta Feb 13 at 6:24

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You don't want the configuration server, you want the project collection. The version control service is scoped to a team project collection. For example:

var projectCollection =

var versionControl = projectCollection.GetService<VersionControlServer>();

See also: Connect to a Project Collection

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Where can I get default collection name? (I know nothing about current TFS, I want to get it from current context) –  abatishchev Feb 24 '11 at 3:01
RegisteredTfsConnections.GetProjectCollections() right? –  abatishchev Feb 24 '11 at 3:09
Yes, that's right. That will get the collections that are registered with the Team Explorer client on the machine. –  Jim Lamb Feb 24 '11 at 12:32
@JimLamb I tried doing this same , but I am still getting "versionControl" as Null, any solutions to that ? Any more details do you need to help me ? –  Ram Mehta Feb 15 at 11:50
@RamMehta what version of TFS (server & client) are you using? Do you have a code sample you can share? –  Jim Lamb Feb 15 at 22:02

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