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Looking for help. I have a ul list with a nested ul for a menu. Im using slide toggle to toggle the nested item. I have the primary links left aligned ok BUT when i click a primary item to toggle show the subs the main item shift ( i dont what shifting on the primary items) and also the sub li's are left aligned but i just want them to list down. What am i doing wrong. Im sure its mostly css related but im stuck?

Here's a link: http://www.k-e-w-l.ca/testing.html

Thanks in advance

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all the style from #primary li is appling to #subs li since those lis are inside of #primary

#subs li{

should help some.

also you shouldn't use id for subs since there are multiple, use class instead

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There are literally dozens of websites describing how to deal with this sort of thing. A few good links:

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try with giving to child Ul of First parent Ul

float:left; and left:0;

hope it helps. Well put some code.

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