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Is there a way to copy the libraries from a computer that has them to one that doesn't without using the automated installer ?

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What exactly are you asking? Your title doesn't match your content. – slugster Feb 24 '11 at 0:43
Just use the installer. There is absolutely no reason not to. Note that you can also download an offline installer that doesn't require the target computer to have an Internet connection. Please don't just copy files out of the system directories, or you'll be back here in a week asking another question, this time impossible to debug unless someone goes back, reads the previous questions you've asked, and puts together the puzzle pieces. – Cody Gray Feb 24 '11 at 4:30

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For the admin part no idea, for the automated installer part, I guess that if you just copy the DLLs in the same folder as the app EXE it will work just fine. I am not sure that this way is approved by MS though.

You'll find the DLLs in the c:\Windows\System32 folders (for VS2008 I guess msvcr90.dll and msvcp90.dll are enough).

Be careful, if you are on a x64 machine those will be x64 dlls, the 32 bits one are in SysWOW64).

You are not allowed to distribute the debug dlls (the one ending with a 'd' before the extension).

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