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I want to add a filter textbox to an application so that when a user types text into it, as they type it, the DataGridView will automatically trim down what's being viewed.

Right now DataGridView is bound to a List with my User Objects.

I was in the process of just using LINQ to create a separate List of User objects and then just re update the DataGridView by doing the whole dataGridView1.DataSource = filteredList but is that the best way to go about this? I feel like I'm doing it the bad way.

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you could also track after each key press and only update after inactivity of some threshold timespan, that will avoid rebind after each character –  Kris Ivanov Feb 24 '11 at 1:57

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That's probably similar to what I'd go with. Alternatively you could iterate the list and remove any objects no longer matching which will probably be much more memory-friendly.

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Your "filteredList" should be a bindingList just so you create a direct interaction between the list and the grid (modifying the grid will modify the list without you having to do any more step).

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