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I'm new to cross-browser ajax issues. I'm using the following code, which doesn't work if the cfc is on another domain and I need to rewrite it.

$.getJSON(cfroot + "/series.cfc?method=getSRDetailedTable&returnformat=json&queryformat=column", {"seriesID":seriesID,"insertTempData":true}, function(res,code) {
    //code here

I've played with examples from ben nadel and a few others, but just can't get it happening. Any constructive examples or help would be hugely appreciated. It doesn't need to use getJSON(). It can be a POST too. I just tend to use getJSON out of habit. In this scenario, the function performs calculations and updates a table. It doesn't actually get any data.

The cfc itself is huge, but the following is the first line:

<cffunction name="getSRDetailedTable" output="False" returnType="query" access="remote">
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What kind of data do you need to send/get? –  crosenblum Feb 24 '11 at 15:06
I'm passing a numeric ID to a cfc which performs calculations and updates a table. It doesn't need to return any data in this case. –  user460114 Feb 24 '11 at 20:22

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I'm not sure I understood your question, but I noticed "another domain", if this is the case here's something you need to read about crossdomain AJAX calls, possibilities and limitations:



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