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Assume I type uri in a textbox and click a button load, a web page is loaded into my webbrowswer control, then I highlight a piece of text in the webbroswer control. And now, how can I get hightlighted text and display in another textbox? (no copy/paste)


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Why don't you want to use copy/paste? The MSDN says: "The WebBrowser control internally instantiates the native WebBrowser ActiveX control.", so accessing the selected text in the control will be no easy task without copy/paste. –  Jens Feb 24 '11 at 8:48

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Retrieving Selected Text from Webbrowser control in .net(C#)

    IHTMLDocument2 htmlDocument = webBrowser1.Document.DomDocument as IHTMLDocument2;

    IHTMLSelectionObject currentSelection= htmlDocument.selection;

    if (currentSelection!=null) 
        IHTMLTxtRange range= currentSelection.createRange() as IHTMLTxtRange;

        if (range != null)
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This is for winforms, not for WPF. WPF's WebBrowser.Document doesn't have a DomDocument property. –  Simon Mourier Jun 18 at 12:23

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