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What I have is the following db structure(tables):
I've created the needed files and code(the MVC) needed to manage the first table(lists).
I also added the hasMany to the model class. At that point I am stuck.
What I need is a solution for managing each item (basic CRUD, I assume that complex management is just an advanced CRUD that I will find out how to do by myself).
I will be specific: since it's a content that have no place (but the admin) that it will be used by itself, should I -

  1. create a full mvc structure for it? (can or should I implement it somehow[how?] in the lists package?
  2. if not, how can I attach the tables? (since the use is about to be dropped in version 2)
  3. would an element(cake concept/context) will be the appropriate way to create a view for such situation?

ANY insight will be appreciated.

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If I undertant correctly, you want to create a CRUD part of this tables by yourself, without bake.

You need to write all the MVC estrucure and be carefull with the naming combention of cakephp

You need the model into app/models and also a a controller into app/controllers (remember naming combentions) and for each model you need a folder into /app/views.

Alfo, every, every function in your controller needs a view, even if this action doesn´t write anything to screen

I hope this was usefull.

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Thanks @ikerib, every function should have a view? what for? I see no logic there. and, what kind of view is preferred? regular view? an element? I understand the MVC idea and what is the main concept for it, my questions are about the cake implementation ... –  yossi Feb 27 '11 at 9:10
every function needs a view... everyone. If you have a function witch for example do a sum like function dosum(a,b) { return a+b; } you need a view called dosum.ctp but without code in it, because you don´t need to print anything –  ikerib Feb 28 '11 at 8:04

Have you tried using Cake's bake feature? Your CRUD will be automatically created in about 2 seconds. I would also recommend you do the Blog tutorial to get a feel for scaffolding.

CakePHP is all about convention over configuration. Eg naming conventions for tables, controllers, models etc.. So much can be done automagically.

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Thanks, but what I am trying to do is to understand. I can use the bake and I can use the simple way of full MVC for each table, I am trying to do more.. I went through the blog tutorial. –  yossi Feb 24 '11 at 4:09
Read the manual front to back 70 times and you will understand and be able to do more : ) –  OldWest Feb 24 '11 at 4:55

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