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I'm putting together an app using Backbone.js, which has two Views right now, an IndexView and a QuizPartial. The IndexView renders the bulk of the page (some graphs and whatnot), and it contains many QuizPartials. My issue is that when a user clicks a 'delete' link in one of the partials, the partial should be deleted and the appropriate model destroyed, while the IndexView renders a button to create a new quiz. However, I can't get the IndexView to respond to that event.


class QuizPartial extends Backbone.View
  tagName: "div"
  className: "quiz"
    "click a.delete": "delete_quiz" # Works fine

  initialize: -> @render()

  delete_quiz: ->
    if confirm "Are you sure you want to delete this test?"

And then the index view:

class IndexView extends Backbone.View
  tagName: "div"
  id: "quizzes_index"
    "click .quiz a.delete": "render_new_quiz_button" # Never fires

  initialize: -> @render()

  # etc...

Is there something I should be doing differently?


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The actual UI event is done within the quiz view. You correctly remove the element and destroy the model. Now you have two choices:

  • Have your IndexView listen for the "remove" event on your Quiz collection.
  • Trigger a new event from your quiz view to notify whoever is listening
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Listening for the remove event works great. Thanks! –  PreciousBodilyFluids Feb 24 '11 at 22:22

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