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I read a book about how to extend object with a method: I was confused with the following code:

Array.prototype._m=Array.prototype.m ||
( Array.prototype.m=function(){

It's said that the code like this is safe and high compatibility.
But I can't see how it works
And why


is not safe enough Thanks a lot!

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@tylermwashburn explained it well.



...will all reference the same function. Either whatever was stored in Array.prototype.m or the new function if Array.prototype.m didn't exist.

I'd just add that it is really a bad idea to extend Object.prototype. It extends every object type in javascript.

I'd wonder about the book you're reading if that's what it suggested.

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What this is saying is if !!Array.prototype.m is true, then Array.prototype._m should equal Array.prototype.m.

If !!Array.prototype.m is false, the it sets Array.prototype.m, and then sets Array.prototype._m to it.

It then applies that method to Object.prototype.

Really this is just a long way of Object.prototype.m = Array.prototype.m.

The difference is that this makes sure it's defined first.

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What is the !! in front of Array.prototype.m for? Not not?! –  w3d Jun 30 '11 at 19:30
@w3c It turns whatever's infront of it into a boolean. –  tylermwashburn Jun 30 '11 at 21:59

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