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I just started getting this error when I introduced a composite primary key. Any ideal as to why? I have been unsuccessful in trying to figure this out.

Caused by: org.hibernate.MappingException: Type not supported: org.hibernate.type.SerializableType
    at org.hibernate.envers.configuration.metadata.IdMetadataGenerator.addIdProperties(IdMetadataGenerator.java:71)
    at org.hibernate.envers.configuration.metadata.IdMetadataGenerator.addId(IdMetadataGenerator.java:107)
    at org.hibernate.envers.configuration.metadata.AuditMetadataGenerator.generateFirstPass(AuditMetadataGenerator.java:380)
    at org.hibernate.envers.configuration.EntitiesConfigurator.configure(EntitiesConfigurator.java:102)
    at org.hibernate.envers.configuration.AuditConfiguration.<init>(AuditConfiguration.java:86)
    at org.hibernate.envers.configuration.AuditConfiguration.getFor(AuditConfiguration.java:99)
    at org.hibernate.envers.event.AuditEventListener.initialize(AuditEventListener.java:315)
    at org.hibernate.event.EventListeners$1.processListener(EventListeners.java:198)
    at org.hibernate.event.EventListeners.processListeners(EventListeners.java:181)
    at org.hibernate.event.EventListeners.initializeListeners(EventListeners.java:194)

Update Edit - 1

Using Hibernate 3.3.1 (Shipped with JBoss 5.1) along with Spring MVC 2.5.6 and jboss-envers 1.2.2GA.


public class ProgramStoreRel extends MappedModel implements Serializable

  private ProgramStoreRelPK psRelPK;


public class ProgramStoreRelPK implements Serializable
 * Identifies the store that this item belongs to
  @OneToOne(fetch=FetchType.LAZY, cascade=CascadeType.ALL)
  private Store store;

   * Identifies the program that this item belongs to
  @OneToOne(fetch=FetchType.LAZY, cascade=CascadeType.ALL)
  private Program program;
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Could you post the offending code, as well as any mappings? Also, it would be nice to know the Hibernate version. –  jpkrohling Feb 24 '11 at 5:57

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Apparently this is a bug in this version of JBoss Envers (see ENVERS-76). A similar issue was reported in Hibernate Envers (HHH-4751) and fixed in version 4.1.7.

Unfortunately, the suggested workaround is to avoid composite ids.

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