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I am new to Yii. I need to save data collected from a single form to three different tables. So my doubts are

  1. How can I design the Model class (CformModel or CActiveRecord)??

  2. How to design the view??

  3. In Controller how can I save the data to different tables??

I need to manually validate some vales like md5 hash etc

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do you mean from a single form to three different tables? – Neil McGuigan Feb 24 '11 at 4:49
Yes, a single form and multiple table.And required operations such as generate md5 hash and validate it against some fields etc. – Damodaran Feb 24 '11 at 5:23
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you need to create three models. And use according model fields and save all three models.

In Yii one table - one model.

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In your controller: saving your different models for different tables will look like:

$modelB=new Addresses;

$modelC=new TenQs();

To render multiple models to one form you just keep listing the models in the render statement.


That would work in your controller. This example assumed Active Record.

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