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Does anyone know how to make text align top-to-bottom in a div.

SO won't even let me demonstrate it . . . I just want the letters to stack on top of each other in a vertical line down the page like the stories of a building. Was hoping I didn't need to do it with an image.

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<div class="bottomtotop">Hello!</div>


.bottomtotop { transform:rotate(270deg); }
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using transform property will let your text flow out from your container – Amit Gupta May 9 '14 at 14:53

To make the letters top-to-bottom while keeping their normal orientation, like this:





<div class="toptobottom">letters</div>


  width: 0;
  word-wrap: break-word;

word-wrap allows words to be broken in the middle, so this will make the letters top-to-bottom. It's also really well supported:

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Depending on your font size, adjust accordingly:

<div style='width:12px'>a b c d</div>
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NJCodeMonkey's answer was close.

For me I had to use word-break. It's a little different from word-wrap:break-word;

So it would look like this.


<div class="VerticalText">LongTextWithNoSpaces</div>


   width: 1px;
   word-break: break-all;

This worked for me in Firefox 24, IE 8 and IE 11.

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