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I am new to silverlight, many posts indicate using observablecollection is the best.

Domainservice1 returns IQUERYABLE type.

How to work with this return type in silverlight side?

How to convert/cast the data returned to observable collection?

The DomainServices1.cs

public IQueryable<TABLE_1> GetTABLE_1()

            return this.ObjectContext.TABLE_1;


public Home()

            this.Title = ApplicationStrings.HomePageTitle;

            Web.DomainService1 dservice = new Web.DomainService1();

            EntityQuery<Web.TABLE_1> query=new EntityQuery<Web.TABLE_1>();

            query = dservice.GetTABLE_1Query();

            //Convert result to ObservableCollection

            //bind the grid ITEM SOURCE

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The IQueryable does not return results until you enumerate the collection. so for instance if you wanted to limit the results of that dservice.getTable_1Query with a .where() you could...

to get the object into an observable collection you .tolist the query like this

observablecollection<Table1> t=new observablecollection<Table1>(query.ToList());

I actually think there is a little more that you have to do(a loadoperation is how I do mine) I am in the learning stages of the linq dynamic, but from other applications that i have had to convert returned results to an observable collection; that is how i did it. I actually wrote an exension so that I could .ToObservableCollection

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