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I am trying to delete the selected record from the drop-down grid.

In trying to do this, I've so far learned that DSOperationType.FETCH is called when the fetchData() method is called on ValuesManager class. So now I want to know what line should be executed for calling DSOperationType.REMOVE.

Or is there a better way to accomplish this task?

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DSOperationType.REMOVE will be called only when removing data/row from list grid or tree grid. It can be triggered functionally by calling ListGrid.removeData(someData) or ListGrid.removeSelectedData();

But for ComboBox/SelectBox (DropDown) type item there is no functionality to remove data from list as it can only be selected from a list of data (while loading data for list FETCH operation will be called).

You can implement the functionlity indirectly by using Combobox/SelectItem with listgrid - (ex: In listgrid you can have remove data functionality. Also check other types of functionality that can be implemented with combobx

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