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I have been searching for ages now for a good .Net based VoIP library. After having tried conaito and SIP.Net, I have still haven't found anything that truly fits my needs.

Basically all of these are constructed using ActiveX. Unfortunately ActiveX and WPF don't play well together. And ClickOnce Deployment doesn't register Interop COM components.

I need to find a good and pure .Net managed code implementation.

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So to cap this one off, there was no managed code implementation that we could find that would work for this. So we ended up paying for the development of one from Abto llc. It was a really good lib (that I am sure they are now selling on) that did the job perfectly. –  Vaelen Dec 19 '14 at 4:18

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What about these...

Hope these are useful, apologies if they are not.

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Thanks for the reply @Digger, but I have already had a look at those. –  Vaelen Feb 24 '11 at 9:44

pjsip.net which is an C# wrapper on the C pjsip library.

sipsorcery fully C# SIP library, incomplete as far as RTP and media functions.

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Take a look at Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK

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