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It's a example:

I have a HTML form on a webpage

enter image description here

I want to collect all data of form ( Data, which user will submit) in Excel or CSV sheet.?

enter image description here

Is it possible with HTML 5 only? or will be required Mysql, php, apache etc?

Browser I will use is : Google Chrome , no other browser need to consider

Application will run on local PC. if it's not possible with HTML5 local database, I will install portable XAMPP.

Any demo , example would be appreciated?

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LocalStorage is a key/value store, and there's not really any way to change the way Chrome decides to save that data in order to get it to write it to a CSV file instead.

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Sorry I mean from HTML5 Local Database. – Jitendra Vyas Feb 24 '11 at 9:01
Assuming you mean the section of HTML5 called "Web SQL Database", this has been more-or-less abandoned (see - and the answer would still be the same...that specification uses SQLite as the database, there's no facility for changing that. – TML Feb 24 '11 at 9:11

Maybe try using an html5 web sql database rather than local storage, since you're dealing with tabular data.

HTML 5 Web SQL Database article

HTML 5 Databases demo

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