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MTS is a popular COM+ service to do distributed transation control. I am wondeirng what is the .Net replacement for it since Com+ will be phased out.

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Didn't MTS (as a name) die with NT4? isn't it just COM+ services now? – Marc Gravell Feb 24 '11 at 8:01
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AFAIK there is no replacement to MTS in .NET Framework, but it is very well integrated through System.EnterpriseServices namespace, specifically you could lookup ServicedComponent to get the transaction control feature you are looking for. Have a look at MSDN documentation of this.

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MSDTC still lives on, and is available in managed code via TransactionScope. So - use that. There are some COM+ things that don't really have direct counterparts; having a COM+ dll that runs in a different identity, or all the vastly over-complicated COM+ permissions/roles/groups/etc, but in truth you are usually better off writing a proper service (trivial in managed code) that accepts requests via any IPC method of your choosing.

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