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I Would like to write a custom regular expression where the format is like XYZ-ABC-001 where

  1. XYZ is fixed,
  2. ABC is variable (it can be any three characters between A-Z )
  3. 001 is variable (it can be any number between 0-9)
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This will match:


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This regex allows for an arbitrary number of digits in the last group. I agree that the question is not absolutely clear at this point, but if it is a requirement to have exactly three digits, then \d+ should be replaced by \d{3}, if it can be enything between one and three digits, then \d{1,3} will fit. +1, anyway. –  Patrick Echterbruch Feb 24 '11 at 9:04
You are right Patrick, The lenght of digit must be three . So just i modified expression provided by TechnoCare as per my requirement. –  user631954 Feb 27 '11 at 4:13

DIY kit: http://txt2re.com/

Example: http://txt2re.com/index-csharp.php3?s=XYZ-ABC-001&4&22&23&24&-17&-18&14&15&16

Results in the C# output:

   string txt="XYZ-ABC-001";

  string re1="((?:[a-z][a-z]+))";   // Word 1
  string re2="(-)"; // Any Single Character 1
  string re3="(.)"; // Any Single Character 2
  string re4="(.)"; // Any Single Character 3
  string re5="(.)"; // Any Single Character 4
  string re6="(-)"; // Any Single Character 5
  string re7="(\\d)";   // Any Single Digit 1
  string re8="(\\d)";   // Any Single Digit 2
  string re9="(\\d)";   // Any Single Digit 3

  Regex r = new Regex(re1+re2+re3+re4+re5+re6+re7+re8+re9,RegexOptions.IgnoreCase|RegexOptions.Singleline);
  Match m = r.Match(txt);
  if (m.Success)
        String word1=m.Groups[1].ToString();
        String c1=m.Groups[2].ToString();
        String c2=m.Groups[3].ToString();
        String c3=m.Groups[4].ToString();
        String c4=m.Groups[5].ToString();
        String c5=m.Groups[6].ToString();
        String d1=m.Groups[7].ToString();
        String d2=m.Groups[8].ToString();
        String d3=m.Groups[9].ToString();

Then you can modify it slightly to adjust to your needs, for example replacing (.) with ([A-Z]).

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Extremely ugly, unreadable, and about 20 times longer than it should be. By that way, I could never get txt2re.com to produce the regex a+b+. I don't think that site has an overall positive effect. –  Kobi Feb 24 '11 at 9:01

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