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Is there a way to access the JBoss JMX data via JSON?

I am trying to pull a management console together using data from a number of different servers. I can achieve this using screen scraping, but I would prefer to use a JSON object or XML response if one exists, but I have not been able to find one.

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You should have a look at Jolokia, a full featured JSON/HTTP adapter for JMX. It supports and has been tested on JBoss as well as on many other platforms. Jolokia is an agent, which is deployed as a normal Java EE war, so you simply drop it into your deploy directory within you JBoss installation. Also, there a some client libraries available, e.g. jmx4perl which allows for programatic access to the agent.

There is much more to discover and it is actively developed.

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If you are using Java, then you can make small program that make JMX request to JBoss server and transform the response into XML/JSON.

Following is small code snippet. This may help you.

String strInitialProp = "javax.management.builder.initial";
System.setProperty(strInitialProp, "mx4j.server.MX4JMBeanServerBuilder");
String urlForJMX = "jnp://localhost:1099";//for jboss

ObjectName objAll = ObjectName.getInstance("*:*");  
JMXServiceURL jmxUrl = new JMXServiceURL(urlForJMX);
MBeanServerConnection jmxServerConnection = JMXConnectorFactory.connect(jmxUrl).getMBeanServerConnection();

System.out.println("Total MBeans :: "+jmxServerConnection.getMBeanCount());
Set mBeanSet = jmxServerConnection.queryNames(objAll,null);
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There are some jmx-rest bridges available, that internally talk JMX to MBeans and expose the result over REST calls (which can deliver JSON as data format).

See e.g. polarrose or jmx-rest-access. There are a few others out there.

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