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i am having few issues with obfuscation for last few days .

firstly i would like to obfuscate my javascript code such that variables and function names get obfuscated .any free or cheap recommended software.

secondly , for my silverlight app i would like following

  1. i would like my library project (silverlight library) to get obfuscated . because if i dont , things get very clear and easy to decompile.if i obfuscate public members , the resultant xap is not runnable ( tested using both .net reactor and crypto obfuscator)

  2. on my wcf service end, for datacontracts(table name and column name) and service operations i would like their names to get obfuscated . and if i dont , the whole datamodel gets revealed.i am using linqtosql on the service and by setting the serialisation mode to unidirectional , datamember attributes are automatically annotation .

please suggest optimal solutions.

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What you are hoping to do is inherently impossible. You will not achieve any kind of security that way. Whatever you do anyone with some free time and a little help from the JavaScript Beautifier will be able to understand what your script is doing. Search Stack Overflow for javascript obfuscation to read more about it.

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About this matter, I would recommend a search for security through obscurity, starting from Wikipedia. – Albireo Feb 24 '11 at 9:30
Having some experience cracking these "obscured" js files myself. I can say that obscuring only entices more because of the challenge. – Exelian Feb 24 '11 at 9:33

JavaScript obfuscation (as a side effect of optimization): Google's Closure Compiler

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The Dojo Toolkit is compatible (after some modifications) with the Closure Compiler's Advanced mode.

After advanced mode compilation, your JavaScript code is essentially non-comprehensible.

  • Stephen
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