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I got a VS project with a post-build event with a command-line command that copies a file (.dll) to the bin target dir (debug or release). When I do a "Clean" on the project every thing is cleaned, but this file remains. Is there a way to ad post-clean events so I can delete this file also?

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You can edit the project file directly and add the target to the end of the file. BeforeClean and AfterClean are targets as explained here:

You should be able to put a Delete task in the target.

EDIT Just tested this (right-click project -> unload -> right click -> edit) and the following target is what you need:

<Target Name="AfterClean">
    <Delete Files="$(TargetDir)\*.txt" />

This works when you clean the project but not the solution - it works but not 100%.

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I've found that Leom Burke's answer using "Delete Files" doesn't work with wildcards and doesn't tell you that anything went wrong. Here's what i've done instead -

<Target Name="BeforeClean">
        <Message Text="Cleaning other files..."/>
        <Exec Command="del $(ProjectDir)css\*.* /F /Q"/>
        <Exec Command="del $(ProjectDir)images\*.* /F /Q" />
        <Exec Command="del $(ProjectDir)js\*.* /F /Q" />
        <Exec Command="del $(ProjectDir)usercontrols\*.* /F /Q" />
        <Exec Command="del $(ProjectDir)MasterPages\*.* /F /Q" />
        <Exec Command="del $(ProjectDir)App_Data\TEMP\*.* /F /Q /S" />
        <Exec Command="del $(ProjectDir)App_Data\Logs\*.* /F /Q /S" />

I wrote the above to remove files in an umbraco solution so that when i do a diff with what's in source control, it doesn't confuse the snot out of me.

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You can update the csproj file to specify a new target. You will have to this in a text editor.

Take a look at the documentation here : How to: Extend the Visual Studio Build Process.

You will have especially to change the <Target name='AfterClean'>

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I know this is an old topic but you can do wildcards using built in Delete function.

<Target Name="AfterClean">
        <FilesToDelete Include="$(TargetDir)\*.txt"/>
    <Delete Files="@(FilesToDelete)" />
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