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I want to build a statistics generator that should be able to use intervals such as hour, day, week, month etc and group on different levels such as customer, campaign, project. I first built this as a standard action function in a controller but I feel I might actually want to break this out and make it a class and make it reusable. Are there any good standards for building these type of statistics generators in a general way?

Add data collections, set interval and set grouping and a start and end date feels like the usage I would be needing.

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Check out http://www.phpclasses.org/ for built classes but if your using zend framework i thin you mean the word model not class if your using an MVC your building a model

O and for statics use your views and just use google analytics its pointless trying to build one better

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true indeed... But a model IS still a class ;) –  inquam Feb 24 '11 at 9:41
yeas but its an Extended class from ZF and what more is you have to namespace a class in ZF thats why its becomes a model any ways there are a couple of graph system on that site that would help you they use the GD lib then you just sort of need to give it the data –  Barkermn01 Feb 24 '11 at 9:48

I do not believe that this should be a Zend Framework question, it's to abstract of a problem and has nothing to do with the MVC framework you're using, just the M part, because the problem you are trying to solve is tied to your data model.

You can take a look at how Doctrine and Propel handle adding criteria to the queries, that could be a good place to start.

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Two best solution Using Google Analytics Class

Google Analytics View Helper

or Piwik

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