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This may not really sound hard to do but it is currently killing me. Currently i have a Visual Studio 2008 C# Project that i use in conjunction with a DAL generator , its nothing fancy at all besides generating files that i can use in the project to access the database.

The problem i am having is that after the generator has run and the files are created they never show up in my project (new files , old existing files are fine). To add them i have to show hidden files (In visual studio) then include all of the files manually. So is there anyway to automatically include these files into my project.

Thanks in advance

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In VS2008:

1) Right click on your project node.

2) Select "Unload project".

3) Right click on the project node.

4) Select "Edit foo.csproj"

5) In the element add a element that includes your DAL files using wildcards like:

<Compile Include="DAL_*.cs" />


<Compile Include="DataAccessLayer\*.cs" />

6) File.Save

7) Right click on the project node.

8) Select "Reload project".

To learn more about this read up on MSBuild.

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I'd go one further than mquander and say generate the whole project file for your DAL. When it changes I think VS should prompt you to reload it.

The csproj is an msbuild file and isn't that hard to comprehend.

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I suppose the easiest way would be to write a tool to automatically modify the .csproj file, which is just XML, so that it includes your new items.

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