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i want to display both TextBox and TextField on the screen at a time but i am unable to add TextBox to form. is there any way to display both of them at a time. that is textBox at the top and TextField below it. plz help me. i will be pleased if any code is given

thank u in advance

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A TextBox is a Screen, not an Item, therefore you cannot add it to a Form, and there is no way to display both of these things on screen at once.

If you want to display some additional text on screen while a TextBox is active, you can use its title (via setTitle()), or you could scroll it across the top using setTicker().

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i am getting your answer but how to use ticker.actually i want to design the screen such that user types in a data when he press the "send" command it should be displayed in the area above the field which we have entered just like gtalk (visually) –  user631785 Feb 24 '11 at 12:30

I guess, you must write you own TextBox component. It must extend Canvas. And you must paint it yourself, using drawLine, drawString.

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