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I am using memcached to store strings - using a PHP client. I now want to be able to access the same memcached data using a C++ client. (Race conditions aside), I would like to know:

  1. Is this possible? (I rember reading somewhere that PHP padded strings diffferent when storing them in memcached)

  2. Can I use the strings "as is" in the C++ application without further munging/processing?

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Memcached (or anything that speaks the Memcache protocol), doesn't handle typed data. Whatever you associate to a key (and a key itself) is just binary data.

You can get this data and store it as a string in C++ and PHP with no issues if the character set is the same.

But if you need to share more complex structures between C++ and PHP, I would highly recommend serializing it with MessagePack: http://msgpack.org/

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Nice link .. bookmarked in delicious. Can you give some reference though, to back up what you stated regarding memcached data being 'type free'? –  skyeagle Feb 24 '11 at 12:18

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