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I have some Activities, activity A in which I start new activity B in new Task, so A goes to backgroung with it Task..in B I start C and from C i need to start A...i need to come back to first Task. How to do that ? Thanks !

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Why won't you use service?) Or asyncTask? I don't get why do you want to have the activity in background? –  Lonkly Feb 24 '11 at 10:28
I use service..Service Start activity only in new task.. –  Jim Feb 24 '11 at 10:32

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Use intents with Intent Flags.

Intent intent= new Intent(CurrentActivity.this, DestinationActivity.class);

This should be used to start new activity , For example B and C in your case.


Intent intent= new Intent(CurrentActivity.this, DestinationActivity.class);

can be used to relaunch A in your case. Hope this helps.

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Which Flag to use ? I tried everything –  Jim Feb 24 '11 at 10:35

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