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I am trying to use boost-test, and in particular boost unit testing.

I clearly don't understand how is the main function generated and called, all the tutorial says is to define a module and write a test

#define BOOST_TEST_MODULE EnfTraderTest


But, how do I say to my program to run this test ? I already have main function, I would like to decide to run the test or not, from my main function.

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Duplicate of – Xepo Mar 7 '11 at 4:33

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The simplest way to do this is to write your tests into one .cpp-file, and define the macro BOOST_TEST_MODULE before you include unit_test.hpp. You can then compile that .cpp-file and execute it. If you have tests in several .cpp-files, just link them all together, but take care that either BOOST_TEST_MODULE or BOOST_TEST_MAIN are defined in exactly one of them.

You can use the command-line parameter run_test to only run a subset of tests, the default is to run all tests.

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A note on run_test: if you use wildcards (e.g. --run_test=*foo*), depending on your shell, you may need to escape the wilcards (e.g. --run_test=\*foo\*). That just happened to me with zsh. – BenC May 15 at 2:46

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