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i'm developing an application with Android ADT v9.0.

It works very well. After upgrade ADT to v10, application doesn't runs. There is an error on retrieve resources.

In my activity i retrieve a string-array with 3 strings. After print array length, it has 145 items!!

how is it possible?

thank you.

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Please put the relevant code into your question. The exact error message would also be helpful. –  Dave MacLean Feb 24 '11 at 11:58
This is the log 02-24 15:49:28.865: DEBUG/onCreate(DashboardActivity.java:55) (466): numero di titoli 145 02-24 15:49:28.885: DEBUG/onCreate(DashboardActivity.java:58)(466): Titolo item : null 02-24 15:49:28.944: DEBUG/onCreate(DashboardActivity.java:58)(466): Titolo item : null 02-24 15:49:28.954: DEBUG/onCreate(DashboardActivity.java:58)(466): Titolo item : res/color/primary_text_dark.xml 02-24 15:49:28.964: DEBUG/onCreate(DashboardActivity.java:58)(466): –  Premier Feb 24 '11 at 14:51
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