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my problem is the following:

I have an UIViewController initialized in a NIB. In this nib, I have created another UIView (call it view XY) and linked it to an IBOutlet inside the UIViewController.

I have then added some UIImageView area exclusively via code and added them to view XY.

This is a portion of code:

-(void) displayImage{
     XYImageView=[[UIImageView alloc]init];
     [imageContainer insertSubview:XYImageView atIndex:0];
     [XYImageView setFrame:imageContainer.frame];
     //some code that loads an UIImage into the XY view
     XYImageView.contentMode = UIViewContentModeScaleAspectFit;

Problem is that my image appears resized correctly, BUT it is collocated outside the XYImageView area. I cannot understand why.

Also, if I try to log the view's size and origin, I get all 0's.

Maybe I am missing something?

Thank you guys.

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Frame property defines view position in coordinate system of its parent, so your xyimageview gets the same coordinates as its parent has in its superview. To set child view completely fill its superview try to do the following (i.e. use bounds property, not frame):

 [XYImageView setFrame:imageContainer.bounds];
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flawless, thanks! – Lorenzo Feb 24 '11 at 11:51
@Lorenzo: Accept the answer then... – Erik B Mar 5 '11 at 15:48

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