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Can someone consider and evaluate my approach to customization of Froyo? I'm a beginner.

I've download the sources from Android website and i've successfull recompiled and run it on my (study) device. Let's consider a trivial customization: on Settings activity the last choice is something like 'Info about the phone' but... my device is not a phone so i want to replace this string.

Once moved to [my froyo]/packages/apps/Settings/res/values i've edited the 'string.xml' file with the right value. At this point my problems begin...

Considering that i've the Java compiler, how can i recompile only the (i.e.) Settings apk and not the entire operating system (my solution has been to recompile the whole operating system)???

Once obtained the NEW Settings.apk, how can i upload it to my device substituting the previous (system) one? I've tryed 'adb install' with all the options but it fails; i've tryed 'adb unistall' on the previous (system) one but it fails as well. (my solution was to upload again the whole operation system).

In conclusion, how can i change a string from 'phone' in 'squirrel' without spending an hour? I want only to customize a little bit the system applications. I'd like to edit the source, try it on device and only once that all the customizations have been done recompile the operating system.

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Okay lets start with the first question. To recompile a specific package you can just type

make <PackageName>

in your case it should be make Settings.

Then after the new package was compiled you will find it in the build directory.

copy the apk directly to the /system/app folder in your device and delete the /data/dalvik-cache/ entry for it and reboot the device, the new package should be loaded.

For making the /system partition writable you need to type

adb remount

But note that some Packages may have dependencies which might be needed for your customization. Something like the framework_res.apk

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Yeah! It works!!! Many thanks to joecks! – lorenzoff Feb 24 '11 at 12:27

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