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I am completely new to iPhone development. I have two ViewControllers

  1. ViewControllerA
  2. ViewControllerB

ViewControllerA is the first one and launches with the app.

I have another ViewControllerB now I want to add view of ViewControllerB as subview to ViewControllerA's view when application launches.

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Try this

ViewControllerB *vcb = [[ViewControllerB alloc] init];

[self.view addSubview:vcb.view];
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A belated answer. I just wrote some words about my solution for this question. It can be found here: http://blog.nguyenthanhnhon.info/2014/04/how-to-add-viewcontrollernavigationcont.html

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This link is dead. – Chris Livdahl Jul 6 at 19:02

You need to declare the object of VC globally .. otherwise you face some issues.

@interface ViewControllerA ()


ViewControllerB *viewControllerBObj;


-(void) viewDidLoad


[super viewDidLoad];

viewControllerBObj = [[ViewControllerB alloc]initWithNibName:@"ViewControllerB" bundle:nil];

[self.view addSubview:viewControllerBObj.view];


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You can access the view of a view controller by using it's view property. If you have pointers to two view controllers myControllerA and myControllerB then you can add B's view to A's view by using this.

[myControllerA.view addSubview:myControllerB.view];
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For a tutorial on the topic, check out this link. It shows how to do it both programatically and through Interface Builder. Good luck!

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Add [self.view addSubView:ViewControllerB.view] in the viewDidLoad() of ViewControllerA.

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