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I have the next command-line option which I need to split in a name-value format:

-table tab -delimiter "," -limit:10

The regexp construction is:

(?<=[-{1,2}|/])(?<name>[a-zA-Z0-9_]*)[ |:|"]*(?<value>[0-9A-Za-z.?=&\|+ :'*(),\\]*)(?=[ |"]|$)

My problem is in the delimiter option, when I put -delimiter "|" or -delimiter ":", the regexp construction doesn't work in spite I included these characters, in those cases: name=delimiter, but value is equal to empty, why?

Thanks for your help.

Edit: Tim and Gabe, thanks for your help. The final construction that works is:

(?<=-{1,2}|/)(?<name>[a-zA-Z0-9_]*)\s*:?\s*"? *(?<value>[0-9A-Za-z.?=&\|+ :'*(),\\]*)(?=[ "]|$)
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You need to be clearer about what defines a name and what defines a value here. Is limit:10 the only name=value pair? – Richard H Feb 24 '11 at 12:33
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Your problem is in [ |:|"]* -- it appears as though you think | means "or" within brackets even though you clearly don't use it in the next set of brackets.

You just want [ :"]* probably, which would make "|" work. Unfortunately that group matches any number of characters that can be a space, colon, or quote, which means ":" is all considered to be part of the space between the name and value. You will need to better define your allowed set of characters between the name and value.

I suggest: \s*:?\s*"? (any amount of space, followed by an optional colon, followed by any amount of space, followed by an optional quote).

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There are a few errors in your regex:

[ |:|"]* matches zero or more of these characters: space, |, : or ". You seem to be using this to identify possible separators between name and value.

Of course, in -delimiter "|" or -delimiter ":" it matches all the characters after delimiter, leaving nothing for the value part. Since that is optional, the regex matches successfully without filling the value part.

Another thing:

You probably don't want


but rather


Looks like you should read up on character classes.

To fix your regex, we need to know the rules you're trying to implement. What exactly can separate a name/value pair?

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