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I am trying to communicate with Excel from a Java/SWT application. I have been able to open a worksheet, open a file and save it but that's about it.

Can anyone point me to some documentation/examples for this? I especially need to know which commands are available. I did try to record macros to inspect. This was useful but did not give me everything I wanted.

This is a sample of what I have been trying so far:

private static OleAutomation openFile(
        OleAutomation automation, String fileName) {
	Variant workbooks = automation.getProperty(0x0000023c);// get User
															// Defined
															// Workbooks
	Variant[] arguments = new Variant[1];

	arguments[0] = new Variant(fileName);
	System.out.println("workbooks::\t" + workbooks);

	IDispatch p1 = workbooks.getDispatch();
	int[] rgdispid = workbooks.getAutomation().getIDsOfNames(new String[] { "Open" });
	int dispIdMember = rgdispid[0];
	Variant workbook = workbooks.getAutomation().invoke(dispIdMember, arguments);
	System.out.println("Opened the Work Book");
	try {
	} catch (InterruptedException e) {
	int id = workbook.getAutomation().getIDsOfNames(new String[] { "ActiveSheet" })[0];
	Variant sheet = workbook.getAutomation().getProperty(id);
	OleAutomation sheetAutomation = sheet.getAutomation();

	return (sheetAutomation);
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Not a documentation, but since you asked about the available commands via automation: have you tried the OLE/COM Object viewer that comes with the Windows 2000 resource kit? Download here.

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not yet - thanks for the link –  paul Feb 4 '09 at 12:11

Use VBA help MSOffice. Also you can use Object Browser in Office's VB editor.

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