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I am trying to install the weather api gem from here but am having problems adding the repository.

I tried gem sources -a but this results in the following error:

Error fetching 
bad response Not Found 404 (

I am on Windows XP with Ruby 1.9.2 and have updated to the latest version of Rubygems (1.5.2)

ruby -v returns

`ruby 1.9.2p0 (2010-08-18) [i386-mingw32]`

whilst gem sources -l returns


Any thoughts? Is this a problem with the repository or my setup?

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The correct URI for the RubyForge RubyGems Repository was http://Gems.RubyForge.Org/, not http://IrBNo.RubyForge.Org/. However, the RubyForge RubyGems repository was shut down a long time ago and migrated to RubyGems.Org, so that URI is now simply a redirect to http://RubyGems.Org/ (as is http://GemCutter.Org/ BTW).

Since you already have that repository URI in your RubyGems sources, you don't need to do anything.

May I ask where you found the information that http://IrBNo.RubyForge.Org/ was the correct URI for the RubyForge RubyGems Repository? You should inform those people that their information is wrong (http://IrBNo.RubyForge.Org/ never was the URI of the RubyForge RubyGems Repository, it always was http://Gems.RubyForge.Org/) and outdated (the default RubyGems Repository moved to http://GemCutter.Org/ and then to http://RubyGems.Org/ a long time ago).

Not that any of this really matters, since as far as I can tell, there was never a Gem released for this project anyway.

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He might be able to download yr_api.gem from and install locally, though. – Greg Campbell Feb 24 '11 at 16:29
Thanks - that downloadable gem was just what I was looking for. – Martin Smith Feb 25 '11 at 9:53

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