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I would like to have PyUnit stop showing up each time I hit CtrlF11. It's distracting and I don't understand it's output anyways, nor did I (knowingly) elect to enable it. I can't find anything in PyDev settings.

enter image description here

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In case it matters, I run Helios Service Release 1 whose Build id is 20100917-0705. –  Tshepang Feb 24 '11 at 13:56

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Ctrl + F11 has actually nothing to do with PyUnit. It is a key binding that per default runs the script you last launched. In your case the last launch you made must have been a PyUnit launch. If you would have launched the script with Run As then this would be launched if you press Ctrl + F11.

This could be a possible solution to your problem:

Remove the PyUnit launcher from Run History (Run -> Run Configurations and then delete the the configurations listed below Python unittest.

Hope that helped!

Cherio Woltan

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Actually, in the PyDev > PyUnit settings (in the same screen you've shown), if you uncheck the 'show the results in the unittest results view', it should do what you want (i.e.: stop showing the PyUnit view)... or that's not what you wanted?

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