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I have a similar question to this one

I want to do that same query but instead of just checking quantity i want to check "total" (ie. quantity * price). "price" is a field in the sales table.

here is the original query suggested on that link:

SELECT p.[name]
 FROM products p
 WHERE p.product_id in (SELECT s.product_id
     FROM productsales s
     WHERE s.[date] between @dateStart and @dateEnd
     GROUP BY s.product_id
     HAVING Sum(s.quantity) > @X )

so instead of Sum(s.quantity) i need to have (s.quantity*s.price) for EACH SALE to be added up and then compared to @X. (the price can be different for each sale)

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Could you insert your query and the error message please? You can edit your question. – splattne Feb 4 '09 at 9:13
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HAVING (Sum(s.quantity*s.price)) > @X

might do the trick?

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i'm busy testing this. it seems right. i will edit this comment a bit later. thanks! – Jay_Brahm Feb 4 '09 at 9:25
it seems i can't edit comments :) sorry about the spam. anyway i have edited my question. your original answer works if the price is the same for every sale. – Jay_Brahm Feb 4 '09 at 9:31

(The answer from Cagcowboy was marked as accepted, but the comment seems to indicate it didn't work, so this is another approach)

This code uses a derived table to first work out the "totals" for each product, then the grouping etc. is layered over the top of that.

SELECT from products p
WHERE p.product_id IN
    (SELECT product_id from 
    	(SELECT product_id, (quantity * price) as total
    	 FROM productsales WHERE date between @dateStart and @dateEnd) as s
    GROUP by s.product_id
    HAVING sum(total) > @x)
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