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I have a theme gallery system. I need to implement a 'related themes' item inside the theme preview page.

Each theme has colors and tags, so between 5 tables i have:

  • theme

    • id_theme
    • title
  • color

    • id_color
    • title (red)
  • tag

    • id_tag
    • title (planets)
  • theme_color

    • id_theme
    • id_color
  • theme_tag

    • id_theme
    • id_tag

The catch, is that I only have to receive 5 results, and they must show the ones that have more matches between colors and tags. With that requirement, I have no idea on where to start. Any ideas?

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"more matches between colors and tags" What does than mean? –  Magnus Feb 24 '11 at 14:37
it means that a '2 tags and 3 colors' match will beat a '0 tags and 4 colors' match, because 2+3 > 0+4 –  andufo Feb 25 '11 at 5:47

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If you want the five themes that have the most items in common with a given theme, you might try something like:

DECLARE @target_id_theme INT;
SET @target_id_theme = 1; -- this is the id_theme you want to find similar themes for

SELECT t.id_theme, COUNT(*) as matching_things
FROM theme AS t
LEFT OUTER JOIN theme_color AS tc ON tc.id_theme = t.id_theme
LEFT OUTER JOIN theme_tag AS tt ON tt.id_theme = t.id_theme
WHERE tc.id_color IN (SELECT id_color FROM theme_color WHERE id_theme = @target_id_theme)
OR tt.id_tag IN (SELECT id_tag FROM theme_tag WHERE id_theme = @target_id_theme)
GROUP BY t.id_theme

Not tested, buyer beware, but I hope you get the idea. This creates a row for every color or tag that matches a color or tag assigned to the @target_id_theme, orders them by count descending, and gives you the top 5.

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worked perfectly (with a few minor modifications hehe). thanks for your help! –  andufo Feb 25 '11 at 12:31

Try this:

SELECT * FROM theme t
   FULL OUTER JOIN theme_color tc ON tc.id_theme = t.id_theme
   INNER JOIN color c ON c.id_color = tc.id_color
   FULL OUTER JOIN theme_tag tt ON tt.id_theme = t.id_theme
   INNER JOIN tag ta ON ta.id_tag = tt.id_tag
WHERE tag LIKE '%' + @KEYWORD + '%' OR color LIKE '%' + @KEYWORD + '%' OR title LIKE '%' + @KEYWORD + '%'
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hi, thanks for the post -- Andrew's solution was more consistent to the problem. The tag/color check had to be summed and filtered by id. –  andufo Feb 25 '11 at 12:33

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