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Hi i am new to web services and looking for someone who can help me in working with some simple example to understand testing webservices using SOAPui tool.


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open SoapUI

  • new project - name it whatever you want, and map to a WSDL
  • I found a repository of SOAP webservices at, try this WSDL:
  • Click OK, and the app will load a number of requests you can run.
  • open one of these requests, and fill in the XML blanks/question-marks.
  • on the top left there's a green submit button - that will send your request, and return an XML.
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who will test webservicses developer or a tester? – pooh Mar 3 '11 at 12:38
That would depend on how much the tester knows, and what it is you're trying to test. If all you want is to see a response, a tester can be easily guided. If you're checking content - you might want the developer to test it, or teach the tester more about WS – Yishai Landau Mar 6 '11 at 14:24

You can find each of the steps on using SoapUI tool and very basic example of creating a SOAP web service in the below mentioned URL.

I hope this might help you to ramp-up with SoapUI tool.

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