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I am creating xml docs using xmltextwriter ( by the way I was just introduced to xslt which I am now learning to adopt rather) and having problems getting the xml to indent correctly.

Here is what I would like the format to be

<htmltext> CData[.......<br>
   <img  src=".......">
   <a href="........"</a><br>
   ...some text here from a string....<br>
   ...some other text here froma string>

here is what I have tried:

xwriter.WriteElementString("", "<br>")
xwriter.Indentation = 2
xwriter.WriteElementString("img", "")
xwriter.WriteStartAttribute("src", himage)
xwriter.WriteElementString("a", "")
xwriter.WriteStartAttribute("href", hlinks)
xwriter.WriteElementString("", htitle)
xwriter.WriteElementString("", "<br>")
xwriter.WriteElementString("", hsubtitle)
xwriter.WriteElementString("", "<br>")
xwriter.WriteElementString("", htext)

not sure where to go from here. Appreciate any responses

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You should not use XmlTextWriter. It has been deprecated since .NET 2.0. You should use XmlWriter.Create to create an XmlWriter. –  John Saunders Feb 24 '11 at 14:47
ok then how do you do the formatting for indentation when formatting is not part of it –  vbNewbie Feb 24 '11 at 14:54
Mainly, just don't bother with formatting. It's not important. If you need formatting, use the settings in the XmlWriterSettings. –  John Saunders Feb 25 '11 at 14:37

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found a workaround and just converted all into a string.

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