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I am creating nuget packages for OSGeo.FDO and I am having the following issue.

FDO uses a providers.xml file that lists all the providers it can use. So I created a main package called OSGeo.FDO containing the following:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="no"?>

And then, I am creating a nuget package for each provider. In each one of them I include a providers.xml.transform with, for example, the following:

      <DisplayName>OSGeo FDO Provider for PostgreSQL/PostGIS</DisplayName>
      <Description>Read/write access to PostgreSQL/PostGIS-based data store. Supports spatial data types and spatial query operations.</Description>

When I install only one provider package, it works as expected, but once I install another one, it just doesn't change the providers.xml file at all. Although it tells me it has been modified and visual studio asks me if I want to reload it. I say I do, but it doesn't add anything to it.

Is there something wrong with what I'm doing?

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The NuGet XML transform can be a little quirky. The way you can make this work if the schema allows it is to make each tag unique by adding an attribute. e.g. if you had

   <FeatureProvider name="OSGeo.PostgreSQL.3.6">

And then

   <FeatureProvider name="Other Name">

Then it should do what you want. I realize that this may not be the way you want your XML schema, but if you can do that, it can be a workaround.

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Thank you David for your answer. It works for me, but it could indeed be a problem in some cases. –  Bertrand Marron Feb 28 '11 at 11:04

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