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How create a link_to_remote in a jQuery script where url need a parameter that is a javascript variable.

I need create a link_to_remote in pure jQuery.

Thanks in advance

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i'll help you when we invent telepathy ... meaning we need more info –  Val Feb 24 '11 at 15:07

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You'll want to use the :with parameter with link_to_remote:

link_to_remote( args[:title], 
                    :update => args[:update],
                    :url => { :action => args[:action], 
                      :id => id, 
                      :starting => args[:starting] 
                    :with => "'filter[viewer_id]=' + $('filter_viewer_id').value",
                    :loading => "Element.hide('#{args[:update]}');Element.show('#{args[:loading]}')",
                    :complete => "Element.show('#{args[:update]}');Element.hide('#{args[:loading]}')" )

Notice how I am sending the filter_viewer_id by getting it's value from a form field with jQuery. If you don't need that level of detail, just pass the name of your javascript variable.

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Like this:

<%= link_to_remote('Hello', :url => "/test?id='+ id +'&test=true") %>

This will result in:

# => <a href="#" onclick="jQuery.ajax({data:'authenticity_token=' + encodeURIComponent('++FcXPJ0/jfp/IO6sgaEPxMfzOr+vkT5zrGVMMSkJVE='), dataType:'script', type:'post', url:'/test?id='+ id +'&amp;test=true'}); return false;">Hello</a>
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OK, My problem is that i have a remote_form so i use a script which make a Ajaxsubmit multipart and convert the data in json. so controller don´t allow render_update. OK? So i need to make page.replace html in complete callback in script tag –  maxiperez Feb 28 '11 at 15:42

Very little info on your post. Are you using Rails 3? If so, did you check the jquery-rails gem out?

Best regards,

-- J. Fernandes

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