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I have a ChaptersController that does not have a direct route (i.e. site/chapters/:id) but only exists as a sub route for a BooksController (i.e. site/books/:id/chapters/:id). however, when I try to go to books/:id/chapters/new , I get the following routing error:

Showing .../app/views/chapters/_form.html.erb where line #1 raised:

No route matches {:controller=>"chapters"}

how can I fix this?

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It seems like you are using nested routes in this manner:

resources :books do
  resources :chapters

in which case you should have the named routes 'book_chapter' and 'book_chapters'. You can check this by running rake routes.

In your _form.html.erb partial you need to change this line:

<%= form_for(@chapter) do |f|%>

You need to specify the target URL of the form explicitly, and probably also handle different URLs for create and update scenarios. Try something like this:

<%= form_for(@chapter, :url => (@chapter.new_record? ? book_chapters_path(@book) : book_chapter_path(@book, @chapter) )) do |f| %>
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I suppose there is wrong path in /app/views/chapters/_form.html.erb

Check what url is in tag. I suppose you forgot to change it to nested in books.

You may as well paste _form.html.erb here, so i will point it out :)

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