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I have created a Java Project using Eclipse. Inside it I have create a package (named generators) and I have moved inside it my generate.mtl file and class. After it I've created a java class and i try to call the method doGenerate() of a "Generate" object.

Doing it on the console appare this message: 'generate.emtl' not found at org.eclipse.acceleo.engine.service.AbstractAcceleoGenerator.initialize( at generatore.Generate.( at tests.MainTest.main(

Why? What I have to do?

Thank you

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The 'generate.emtl' file Acceleo is searching for is the compiled version of your 'generate.mtl' file (kind of what a '.class' is to a '.java'). When in Eclipse, this file is compiled automatically provided that you're using an "Acceleo Project" and not a regular Java project.

However, you have to either manually compile it or copy it beside your "mtl" file when in standalone.

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