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I just inherited some code, and have not seen this format before. Here's an array:

$arrayWeather = array('weatherParameters' => array(
                                                   'wspd'  => $_GET['wspd']  == 'wspd',
                                                   'wdir'  => $_GET['wdir']  == 'wdir',
                                                   'waveh' => $_GET['waveh'] == 'waveh'));

I've never seen this before; what exactly does this mean?

'wspd'  => $_GET['wspd']  == 'wspd'

Is it a shortcut if statement, saying if _$GET['wspd'] exists, set the array key called wspd to the literal value wspd? Or something else entirely?

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$_GET['wspd'] == 'wspd' is a boolean, and the value of that boolean is assigned to the wspd key in the subarray.

SO if $_GET['wspd'] is "wspd", it will be the same as

 $arrayWeather = array('weatherParameters' => array(
                                               'wspd'  => true,
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Thank you. I've never seen that particular shorthand before. –  EmmyS Feb 24 '11 at 15:47
Well, compare it to anyplace where you would normally have a boolean, like an if: if($_GET['wspd'] == 'wspd') would look a lot more familliar, wouldn't it? Now that comparison results in a boolean, which you can save somewhere :) –  Nanne Feb 24 '11 at 15:50

It gives the key called 'wspd' the result of the equation $_GET['wspd'] == 'wspd', which is either true or false.

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I know the 'wspd' => $_GET['wspd'] just sets the value of the 'wspd' key in the array now the second part i've never seen.

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Well... it's quite simple. You just assign the result of expression $_GET['wspd'] == 'wspd' (a boolean true or false) to the wspd index of $arrayWeather.

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