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I have a system where users can upload PDF documents. Rather than displaying the link to these PDFs as a title link, or a PDF icon link, I would like it to be a thumbnail of the first page of the PDF document.

How can I get a thumbnail image of the first (or any specified) page of a PDF document, using ASP.NET 3.5?

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Here is a free component to display PDF thumbnails in asp.net: http://www.tallcomponents.com/pdfthumbnail-versions.aspx

GhostScript is another option.

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There are no built in PDF capabilities in the BCL.

You will need to use a PDF library that allows you to output images. Use it to render the first page as a thumbnail.

Here is one article on code project to do this (using acrobat and COM interop), here a thread on MSDN forums .

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