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how to find first record from group in crystal reports?

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You can use the Previous(Group_Field) function in a formula to indicate the start the group. The Online formula function help gives an example. Basically you see if the Previous value of the field you are grouping on is different from the current value. If it is, then you have just started a new group.

If Previous ({table.GroupingField}) = ({table.GroupingField}) Then 
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You can use: NthSmallest (1, {yourField},{theGrouping}) Or NthLargest (1, {yourField},{theGrouping})

Works like a charm

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When the group header is printed, you're on the first record in the group. Sometimes you can just do the work there.

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 Previous ({ItemNum}) = ({ItemNum})

This will hide display the first record ItemNum in the group, and hide the rest until the next ItemNum that is different.

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